This woman doesn't look like a robots

Which One Is Real?
I feel very confused when I first saw the video contains a woman who was chatting with her twin that was just a robot, I was amazed and felt creepy to find that robot technology is very advanced rapidly. Look at the shapes and movements that resemble humans, but let's take the bright side from the development of this technology, imagine if you don'tt have any friends to play golf or to go to the dance party...surely you can bring it on as a companion, I believe that robots could be reliable as a substitute humans task but only in some ways because I do not want all the human tasks replaced by a robots.

A robot that you are viewing is a creation of a japanese engineer robot Hiroshi Ishiguro, the robot project is named Geminoid F (F for Female). The sophistication of the robot is able to speak and his expression that closely resembles humans, all expressions of human faces can be imitated by this robot like a sad and smiling, even angry. This robot can be controlled remotely using radio frequency, therefore the robot can be used as telepresense in other words can be used as a substitute for you if there are things that make you can not come to an event or meeting, how strange isn't it?.
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