Munich The City Of Beer (Part II)

"Marienplatz is a field that is the heart or center of Munich, this place is usually used as a starting point for exploring the city. Right in front of the field there are Rathaus (City Hall) in the form of an old building with gothic-style architecture, Marienplatz field is always crowded, because  surrounded by many shops. Not only that Rathaus also has its own uniqueness that is with the giant clock tower that always rang at 11.00 each day."

Another interesting point from the tower that is when clock chimed, and sang, statues will dance to the beat of the clock ring. Such a unique, right?. Silhouette of the dancing statue describes a scene of two knights who are fighting to celebrate the marriage of King Wilhem V Princess Renata of Lorraine in 1568.

If you continue the journey westward from Marienplatz field then you will find a walk area which is devoted to pedestrians only, there is the largest shopping center in Munich, there are many shops and restaurants on both sides of the road. When spring arrives the streets that are closed to motorized vehicles will be filled with tables and chairs from cafes that lined the area.

Down the road there is a monument Karlstor shaped like a castle, this ancient monument has the function as the main gate to enter the castle palace. From the north of Marienplatz, there is one more field named Odeonplatz, there stood two large monument with two large statues of lions, not far from there there is a beautiful park called Hofgarten, according to history of this park was built in the 17th century, you can clearly see that this park was built in renaissance style. When viewed from above the park will look square box that has a sharp corner, right in the middle of the park stands a circular domed monument. 

Once you are satisfied to spend time in the Hofgarten, you could be headed for the eastern part of the old city to get to a place called Hofbraeuhaus, an old building that has a very high ceiling with a king-sized wooden table, this is where produced the famous German beers, not just only serves as a factory, in that place you can enjoy fresh beers straight from the barrels but I hope you do not drink beers and get drunk hahahaha.
In ancient times this place is only reserved for royalty, but since 1830 ordinary people can enjoy it too.
Can you imagine as much as 10,000 liters of beers sold in the Hofbraeuhaus, if you are fan of beers and visited Munich in October then you have come in a convenient time, due in October is always held Octoberfest where you will be presented with a variety of beers which produced in Bavaria.
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