Spidey Goes To Broadway ( Spiderman Turn Off The Dark )

I never thought that Broadway has made a show of Spiderman, so when the first time I heard the word "Spiderman Turns Off The Dark" I thought it was the title of the latest Spiderman movie, but was surprised when I found out it was a musical show on Broadway .
The storyline of this show are not much different from the Spiderman movie version that was released in 2002, was only given a little extra story to make this show more interesting and suspenseful. The story begins when Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that has been genetically modified, after it happened he realized that he had become someone who has the physical strength that exceeds normal human beings, that power makes Peter Parker is in a situation that required him to dealing with Norman Osborn (Green Goblin), a scientist who turns into evil because of his obsession. Not only that, this story also adds romantic intrigue between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. There is one villain that is added in this show, she is a lady goddess Arachne the spider who has evil plans.
Spiderman Turn Off The Dark is the most expensive Broadway musical drama ever made, this show has a lot of cancellations due to several reasons such as injury to the actor who plays Spiderman and many revisions from the producer. This is a magnificent musical performances, supported by well-prepared stage, you will be served by the action of the flaying spider  above the audience, for the music business, the show was directed by two famous band U2 frontman namely Bono and The Edge. If you are a true spiderman fan then this show you should watch.

Original Broadway cast

  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man – Reeve Carney
  • Alternate Peter Parker/Spider-Man – Matthew James Thomas
  • Mary Jane Watson – Jennifer Damiano
  • Norman Osborn / Green Goblin – Patrick Page
  • Arachne – T. V. Carpio
  • J. Jonah Jameson – Michael Mulheren
  • Uncle Ben – Ken Marks
  • Aunt May – Isabel Keating
  • MJ's Father – Jeb Brown
  • Emily Osborn – Laura Beth Wells
  • Flash – Matt Caplan

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