Munich The City Of Beer (Part I)

For German people, the city of Munich is known as a residence for people schikimicki (trendy), but in fact they feel uncomfortable if Munich gets a call as schikimicki because the word has another negative meaning that is  too demanding. Many German celebrities who live permanently in this city, not only that the city of Munich / Munchen, also known as the center of the famous fashion products such as Aigner and MCM. In the Industrial sector of this city has a famous car manufacturers around the world, yes the BMW and Audi are produced in the city of Munich.

Ups I almost forgot to explain where the city of Munich at, this city located in southern Germany, Munich is the capital of the province of Bavaria which is the third largest city after Berlin. With an area of 300 km ² and a population that ranges from 1.5 million people. As the metropolis of Munich is quite small but in the eyes of travelers this city has its own charm.

 The city is divided into two parts, namely the old town and modern city,  the old city located in the center of Munich. In the old town the tourists spoiled with beautiful views of buildings that have been hundreds of years old, basically building in this old town has a diverse architectural styles range from baroque to neo-classic.
Part of modern city filled by modern buildings, this is where its central offices, entertainment venues and shopping malls.
Marienplatz is a field that is the heart or center of Munich, this place is usually used as a starting point for exploring the city. Right in front of the field there are Rathaus (City Hall) in the form of an old building with gothic-style architecture, Marienplatz field is always crowded, because 
surrounded by many shops. Not only that Rathaus also has its own uniqueness that is with the giant clock tower that always rang at 11.00 each day.

To Be Continued....
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