Fancy Fixie

Fixie bike is a bicycle which has a minimalist design, unlike typical bikes fixie only have one gear, in other words fixie bikes only have one system speed. Other distinctive features that you can get from this type of bike is the unavailability of the brakes, This type of bike is very liked by the teens because of its simple and attractive.
Facy Fixie
If you have plenty of time to take the hobby, especially in bikecycling then you have other advantages  from  fixie bike  because the bike that can be assembled according to the wishes of its owner, so in addition to the direct purchase of ready-made bicycle fixie you can also assemble by your own. Assemble a fixie is not too difficult because the components that needed are widely available and addition design fixie can be combined with any type of bicycle components during our convenient and fit we want, this causes a fixie favored by teenagers. In addition, assemble fixie will save money because if compared to purchase directly a ready-made fixie bike you are going to spend a lot more than if you assemble yourself.

Frame Modifications
One thing you should know in choosing a frame to fixie is by observing the strut rear wheels, try positioning the chain in order to be tensed with the pull of the rear hub gear.
If you want to modify your old bike to be a fixie you should consult first with the seller component, because not all frames can be used for fixie.
Here is a manufacturer of bicycle components that have a suitable frame fixie, such as Fix Gear Cannondale, Cinelli, Raleigh, Bianchi.

Rear Hub Gear   
Rear hub gear fixie different from those intended for other types of bikes, fixie using pole permanent hub with myrrh. very different from other bikes that are easier apart or pairs.
Fixie hub can be fitted with a dual sprocket or brake Tromol, you can use a sprocket to get the whole fixie style, sprockets will cause the pedal will continue to rotate during tire spinning.

For crank should use quality materials made from lightweight aluminum, You can use the crank of mountain bike manufacturers such as Shimano Alivio. Don't forget to remove the ring in a crank and use just the main ring. 

Tires used for tire fixie in General is used on the type of road bike with 700C velg/rim and ban 19-23C. for the color of tires you can adjust the colour of the bike to fit.

Another important component is the headset, the headset is used as a bridge between the frame and fork, use headset bearing type for durability.

There are two choices, you can use the classic velg that commonly used on regular bike / hybrid or use  wide velg sizes.

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