Choose Your Own Bike

If you are planning to buy a bike you should know first type of bike you need, because if you choose wrong will cause the activity you will do will be less than the maximum or hampered by the performance bike itself, simple tips that I will give to you in choosing a bike is to explain the types in order to make it easier for you in choosing a bike.

1. MTB (Mountain Bike)

a. Competitive XC
This bike are commonly used for off-road terrain that is not too down, if you like speed and like to explore the terrain off-road then this is the right bike for your use
Competitive XC

b. XC Trail
actually there are no great differences between the XC Trail and Competitive XC, this type of bike used for off-road terrain but has advantages in terms of acceleration because than Competitive XC, XC Trail is intended for a very steep terrain and lots of twists.
XC Trail

c. All Mountain
This type has order a more hefty compared two types above, additionally All Mountain more robust suspension. This type is very suitable for extreme terrain has many obstacles.
All Mountain

d. Free Ride/Downhill
Downhill is one of the heavy types of mountain bike,  due to through the very steep and extreme field it desperately needed high stability of the bicycle itself, one of the characteristics of this type of bike is on the front suspension has a trafel.

e. Progressive/Dirt Jumper
For those of you who love to showoff and action then the type of Dirt Jumper is the option that most appropriate for you, this bike has a straight
impression frame.
Dirt Jumper

f. Recreational XC
If you need a leisurely bike for off-road terrain (cross country) that is not extreme then this type is suitable, other than that this type has a fairly light weight.

Recreational XC

2. Road Bike

a. Competitive Road
This bike is used for racing, with the light weight of this bike
can go fast on the asphalt street.
Competitive Road

b. Endurance Road
This bike has a resistance to the bad roads, although belonging to types of Road Bike This bike can also be used for off-road

Endurance Road

c.  TT (Time Trial)
With a very aero dynamic design of this type used in  race that requires speed such as thriatlon.
Time Trial

d. Single Speed ​​/ Fixie
This bike has a uniqueness that is not owned by another bike,
by simply relying on a single speed this bike is pretty reliable course and practical for those of you who live in urban areas.

e. Commute

The bike that combined design of bike racing class competitions and daily needs. Many vendors customize bikes ranging from handle bars, to the composition of tires and gear ratios.

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