Adorable Cat

Cats are one of the favorite pets, cats race very much if I classify each one will probably spend a long time, one of the many causes of cat breeds is the existence of interbreeding between different species. It makes people often classify cats only from its fur, but this time I will give some guidance to you about cat breeds.

Cats are more often called  'rumpy', mank's breed  has a short tail feathers brown color premises or lavender, this cat has a loyal nature, friendly and smart.

If there is a meek cat then this breed is the one, these cats are very fond of leaning on the arm of human, nature-friendly, so many who choose this type as a pet.

Maine Coon
Cats of this type is a blend from the Angora and American Shorthair type, has a shy nature but cute, fur is thin, soft and has a variety of colors.

Turkish Angora
As the name implies, these cats come from Tuki, the eyes of Turkish Angora is one of charm from the this cat, this cat's eye can have two different colors with each other.

One more type of cat breed mix between Wong Mau and Siamese cats, this cat is brown like a weasel and There is also bluish color.


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