Best Android Applications For You (Part I)

If you are an android mobile phone user, you will need applications that can help your activities through you mobile phone. To facilitate you in finding the application you need, I will classify these applications into four types. I created a classification based on the function of the application, you can choose which applications you are most needed, I recommend not to store / install too many applications are less useful or rarely used by you, because if you install too many applications will affect the performance of the phone you.

Social Networks, Chat and Email

1. Facebook For Android
If you have a Facebook account then this application is required to have. This application allows you to interact with you Facebook friends, otherwise you can continue to connect and share status information, a feed or link.

2. Bloo - Facebook Beta
One more application that can connect you with the Facebook social networking, you can easily see and access the streams of your friends from the home screen.

3. Myspace Mobile

I think this is the best Myspace applications for smartphones, with this application you are always connected with Myspace, advantages of this application is that it can create a shortcut on the main screen / desktop, in addition you can choose photos to be used as wallpaper and can even save a embedded  URL. 

4. Seesmic
This is the best twitter applications that you can use, Seesmic offers features that are very useful for social networking Twitter user, you can share photos, upload videos to Youtube and always get a notification message.

5. Meebo
Meebo is a multi-plattform based chat applications, if you install this application, you can connect to many different accounts in the same time. include Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, MSN.

6.  Yahoo Mail for Android
With this applications you can receive push-email notification service, send an email from a contact at Yahoo or at the address in the phone book. Upload attachement is not a difficult thing to do with this application, other interesting feature is that you can insert emoticons into your email message. 


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