Basic surfing lessons

If you are interested in learning to surf there are several steps that you must learn, which is the basic technique of surf, surf boards made to float on the water and that's what you should do when playing surf which is try to continue to float above the water surface without fell. Also, learn basic surf techniques to give a confidence in yourself when you are above the surf board.

Laying Position
Things you should do first is to lay your body on the surf board and immediately find a balance point, mark with your chin or you can mark with a bit of wax that later can be used as a point of reference to put your Chin on the board. paddle with the crawl stroke, paddle alternately between the left and right hand so you can speed constantly to catch the wave.

Sitting On Your Surfboard
The key to success for doing it, is to do with the calm, the more you movement it much more difficult to do so.

face forward, positioning your hand like a push-up position, lift your body and at the same time to position your feet in the middle of the board. Don't ever stand upright, positioning yourself like a sumo, and one last thing is try to look straight ahead.

Time for you to practice the lessons, do until you master it properly, get someone who watched you during practice

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