West Java, Tropical Paradise For Tourist

If you have plans traveling to southeast asia I will give you references to beautiful places you can visit. The places which I will refer is located in Indonesia, Indonesia is an archipelagic country located in southeast asia, crossed by the equator and located between  the Pacific Ocean and Indian oceans. There's one large island in Indonesia and it's the island of Java, Java is an island that has the largest population than others, natural beauty and culture make a lot of tourists visiting the island of Java. One of the places visited by many tourists is West Java.
West Java or commonly called by the sunda tribe as "parahyangan" has many tourist attractions that you can visit, the following are beautiful beach that you can enjoy in the west Java.

Karang Sari, Pelabuhan Ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu, Surfing
  •  Pelabuhan Ratu, that's the name of the beach which is located about 60 km south of Sukabumi City, The attraction of this beach is the sea wave conditions that suitable for surfing sports, many international surfers who admitted this beach as one of the most beautiful beach that has great waves. There are several places to surf are often visited by tourists, namely the Batu Guram, Karang Sari, Cimaja, Karang Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Seven Waves, and Edge tiles. Some places to surf are precisely tourists visited in May to October, when the waves are high. There is one ritual that awaited by the tourists because of its uniqueness, the ritual is held each year on 5 April, this tradition is an expression of gratitude to God for the gift that has been given in the form of fish catches. Marine party is usually accompanied by various activities such as social service, competitions, and staging entertainment (puppets, dangdut (Indonesian Traditional Songs), bands, traditional dances, etc.). This tradition lasted for 2 days one night. To follow these events are free.
Pangandaran Beach
Pananjung, Nature Reser
  • Pangandaran, Pangandaran Beach is one of the most popular natural tourist destination, an exotic beach located on the south coast of Java Island. excellent surfing arena and an exotic sunset activity makes Pangandaran become one of favorite places for surfers from around the world and also local tourists. This beach is located in the village of Pangandaran Sub Pananjung a distance less than 92 km south of the city Ciamis. Some events are regularly held heresuch as; International Kite Festival, which we can see every June or July and the ceremony of the Sea, the ceremony conducted by the fishermen as the embodiment of gratitude to the Almighty God's mercy in a way melarung offerings into the high seas . This event is usually held on Muharram (Islamic Month), which is held on the East Coast Pangandaran, near the beach is also found Pananjung Nature Reserve, which is home to hundreds of long-tailed monkeys, wild buffalo, deer, bison, and other animals complete with the the beauty of nature reserve maintained its continuity.
  • Baduy People
  • Baduy village, Imagine a peaceful place, surrounded by green grove. Sound of nature the rustle of the wind on the sidelines of bamboo leaves, great-grandson of loud but melodious birds, the faint rush of the stream. Bedouin Village, perched on a hill Kendeng mountain, offering views and atmosphere are far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Bedouin Village is about 75 kilometers from Rangkasbitung, West Java, a perfect place for those who want to feel the natural atmosphere. Suitable for those who like adventure. People Kanekes or Baduy are an indigenous group in the Sunda region Lebak regency, Banten. The name "Baduy" is the name given by residents outside the community groups, the title originated from the Dutch researchers who seem to equate them with Badawi Arab groups who are sedentary societies (nomadic). Another possibility is that because of the River and Mountain Baduy in the northern part of the region. They themselves prefer to call themselves as urang Kanekes or "people Kanekes" according to their region name, or title that refers to the name of their village as Urang Cibeo (Garna, 1993).
  • Kampung Naga
  • Naga Village, Naga Village is a traditional village with a total area of ​​approximately 4 ha. Location of Naga Village located at the link road connecting the Tasikmalaya - Bandung via Garut, about 30 miles to the west toward the town of Tasikmalaya. The appeal of Village Naga tourist attraction lies in the unique life of the community is located in Naga Village. Their life can blending with modern society, Moslem, but still maintain strong Customs of their ancestors. Like many traditional ceremonies, ceremonial days of Islam such as Ceremony months Mulud or Alif with implementing Pedaran (reading History Ancestors) The process begins with a bath in the River Ciwulan and Tourists should follow the event on condition that should adhere to the rules there.
  • Bandung Cullinary
  •  Bandung, travel in west java it's not complete if you haven't visited the capital city, Bandung is a beautiful small town where you can indulge yourself with culinary treats and shopping bargains such as clothing and accessories, not only in bandung you can visit cultural and natural attractions Another unique and interesting, one of which is the art marquee "Saung Angklung Mang Udjo" there you can get music from little kids who play a musical instrument Angklung (Indonesian traditional musical instrument).
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