How To Train Your Dog poop

It's not fun when your pets it poop or pee on any place in your home, imagine if every day you have to deal with the filth of your pet.
To avoid things like that we should be able to train them to be pooping in a place that we provide.

Here are tips to train for the dogs waste Pee and poop on the spot and time has been specified

1. a trainer as early as possible
If we train as early as possible so the faster the dog we can be disciplined.

2. Routine
During the first 7 or 10 weeks, lock your dog, but don't leave it more than an hour after finished eating, urination. Instead of the cage, you can lock your dog in the room which can be locked like kitchens, warehouses, etc. When did you have to leave it for a long time, put a few sheets of paper the former so that ity can relieve itself when he is forced to poop.
Stood silently next to them without doing any movement. Be patient if your dog doesn't seem to intend to do anything for a long time. Puppies males is typically took longer to piss than females. Do not sit or squat because it will encourage it to jump on your lap for playing around. When you freeze, your dog will feel tired and naturally they will remember your purpose took it over there. And when you finally pooping dog, act with Pat/stroking his head as a compliment, then invite t went to another or get it playing as a gift. Don't be sentenced it with a whip or blows when it failed to shitting.

3. Waste water in the streets.
Generally the needs of your dog's waste water arise some time after coming out of the House and walk in the streets. As a responsible dog owner you should not let your dog pooping in any place, especially the pass pedestrians, garden or a playground for children, but rather on the sandy/grassy, or may even be in the gutter.

Dogs have different absorption power. Some dogs quickly once mastered this new discipline, some seemed to never be learned. However, sooner or later, your dog must have mastered new skills with regard to their natural impulse that, when you treat them with patience and love. Remember that animals also have an instinct to wherever possible not littering the place where they sleep
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I think the dog is one smart animal.

sc-07 ngintip puppy2 nya... btw klo di medan udah masuk kuali nih sobb.. hwekekekek

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