Treating RC Airplane Engine

Here is how to treat the machine before and after the flight :

1. Make sure all bolts, screws in tight conditions before the plane will fly or stored, such as bolts heat, rear engine, exhaust etc. Also check the bolts on the propeller. Always be sure to keep things tight. Always remember if the propeller separated from the machine, it will be dangerous and will damage the engine because the engine will rotate with no load.

2. Take care always for keep the engine clean, both the inside and the outside of the machine, With guard for dust or other small particles so as not to stick in the machine or get into the engine, the engine will always be subtle, can make maximum cooling, and produce good performance . Always use the Filter Material baker (fuel filter) between the tank and engine to filter all the dirt that is not to get into the machine. Use an air filter on the carburetor so that dust does not break into the machine. When finished flying, use cleaners such as alcohol to clean all the dirt on the outside of the engine, especially around lingkage and carburator. 

3. Use After run after your flight before being stored for use at a later day. This is because many contain elements hyroscopic ful (and they react to water), fuel is still left on the machine, it can cause rust, it is very important when going to the store, get rid of all remaining fuel in the engine by turning the engine until the engine running out of fuel. After it drops a few drops of after run oil through the carburetor and turn the engine by hand for coat the entire engine after-run.

Tips when Crash.
Although we are keeping all possibilities, but the factor for crashes can happen, so if it happens note the terms below. If the crash on the ground, then immediately check on the condition of the engine, do not play the machines because it will damage the inside, immediately dismantle all parts of the machine and clean the soil from the ground and the dirt because the material of this material can cause rust. Once in the clear, consider all parts of the machine. If something is not perfect replace the damaged parts immediately.

If the crash in the water, your engine may be no damage or dust. But the incoming water must be released as soon as possible. Disconnect the spark plug of the machine, empty the fuel tank, fill with new fuel. Use the electric starter and turn the engine by letting the new fuel into the engine. Do it continuously until the water coming out of the spark plug holes were exhausted. Replace spark plugs and turn the machine back, but before that make sure the machine in dry conditions.
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