Reveal The Secrets A Great Chef

Have you ever faced with a condition in which you are required to cook for a very important event like a dinner party?, if you're used to cook it certainly will not make you confused but for people who can't cook it will be a big problem.
Probably for most people have thought that cooking is a difficult thing moreover if you often see a chef who was mix recipes in the television show, yes indeed cooking is not an easy thing even for a cook, but actually if you have some basic knowledge about cooking all it will be not too difficult.

What would I give to you is a basic guide in cooking that will be useful for you, all these guidelines can be practiced in all types of cuisine, as the record of this guide is the secret behind the success of the chefs in the world. If you practice it well I can guarantee you will become a skilled chef, even if you're just a beginner ( ^  ^)

Did you ever think that a chef does not need a prescription? if you've got your mind like that you are wrong, a chef really need a recipe as a main guide in concocting dishes, recipes needed so we have a blueprint of the food that we will cook, of course, recipes that will be used as a guide is a recipe that has proven results. For that you must often practice until satisfied with the results, as important records you do not stare or be afraid to experiment with recipes, because if you stare you will never achieve the end result of a blue print recipes. For example when you make a cake, the recipe was written that bake the cake in the oven for an hour, but in practice you should be smart enough to see circumstances because technically, all that is written on the prescription will be different, in this case might have been a cake can be burnt if baked an hour, carefully and thoroughly also improvise
Tools and Ingredients
Prepare the tools that will be used for cooking, the more complete the more easily you in cooking, use the tools to function properly because if the tool you are using problematic certainly not the final result as desired.
Thorough and careful
You must be careful not to get a less or excessive in ingredient or workmanship the way, look at where the process to be attended or be abandoned for a moment. Always prepare a heater such as frying and oven before starting the process, the gap time can be less tasty food, for example if the main ingredient for the sauce is cooked while still in the cooking of course not good, and the last thing is do not forget to taste, it is advisable to taste it when the food is still in process semi-finished so that you can still add ingredient that was still less.
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I became interested in becoming a chef. thanks for sharing

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