Recognizing Pickup

The pickup is part of the guitar that serves as the voice signal from the string catcher and then converted into electricity which will be supplied to the amplifier.
There are two kind pickups that are classified by energy source, the first is passive pickups and the other one is an active pickup.

The following is an explanation of these two kind pickup:
1. Passive pickups. Pickup of this type do not require batteries as power, this kind use potensio 250K size up to 500k with a mono output jack.
2. Active pickup. Pickup requires batteries for power, using potensio size 25K, has a stereo output with a TRS (Tip Ring Slave) serves as an on / of for battery-powered.

The next classification is kind picup based on the design and character of the sound it produces:
1. Single Coil
Pickup of this type has the character of the clean sound is clean and sharp, guitarist that use this kind pickup types rarely use distortion because of this type is less suitable when used by guitarists that rock and metal genre because of the sound produced when use distortion will taste thin and too sharp .

2. Humbucker
Physical of this type looks like two single coil that together, Gibson is one brand of guitar that use pickups humbucker kind, if you've heard or played a guitar like a Gibson of course you know the character of the sound it produces, thick, sharp and clear but the clean sound produced is not as good as the kind single coil.

Pickup of this type is suitable for various genres, especially rock and metal because the voice is terrible when use distortion.
3. Mini Humbucker.
This pickup has the physical characteristics like single coil but sound like a humbucker

Another classification that affects the sound produced is based on the type of magnet used, ceramic magnets and Alnico magnets, some experts say that the pickup truck that uses a ceramic magnet over voiced Hars.

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I really love playing guitar. I have an old guitar Yamaha with a single hambucker pick up. The sound is still good and strong!!

old guitar=good wood=good sound :) keep palying your guitar

don't understant and can't play guitar, but i like listening guitar.....

sc-103 was here with smile :)

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