Recipe To Make Your Own Clay

1. Paperclay: materials and equipment needed include Kaolin, Waste paper or old newspapers, Polyvinyl Alcohol

     * torn paper and soak it more or less one night, after that crush it using a blender / mixer using a drill d to shreds

     * input of water into the blender with half the weight ratio of mix kaolin, mix kaolin and blend until thick
     * prepare a polyvinyl alcohol (buy at the chemical store) heat with water until thick mixed
     * these three ingredients until evenly, up to texture and consistency like clay.

2. Clay Flour: the material needed is 70 gr wheat flour, tapioca flour and rice flour (the same comparison), white glue / glue 180 gr fox wood, nail polish transparent / translucent, watercolor / tempera paint

     * mix all the flour up to evenly
     * dough the flour  with glue, do it flat
     * if it is evenly,  add color as you want
     * if the clay has been formed as you want paint with nail polish for durabilities
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