Lure Types

Artificial lure is a bait that resembles a fish food are we going fishing line (usually in the form of small fish), bait type is widely used by fisherman because of various reasons such as ease of use. Material from this artificial bait consisting of various kinds depending on types and their role, which is widely used material is wood, metal (iron, tin, nickel), plastic, fur and others.
There are 3 categories of artificial bait as distinguished from how to use them.

-Surface lures; better known as Top Water lures. This category is used to fish out an aggressive hunt for prey at the water surface

-Sub surfaces lures, lure is nearly equal to the category of surface lures difference is that if this kind of pulled bait will dive into water that is intended for the predator bait into the water.

-Diving lures; lure can dive deeper than sub surfaces lures, depth can be achieved by this bait is 30 feet.

Here are some types of  popular artificial lures among the fisherman :

  • Metal Jig. Lure which made ​​of tin which sank while shaking and shiny surface. Lure of this type is usually to target deep water, but it could be to target medium Depending waters flow conditions. Can be used for casting from shore for jigging in the middle (depending on weight and shape).
  • Buzbait. lure is usually used for fresh water, equipped with a propeller which causes the noise to attract the attention of an aggressive predator.
  • Stickbait. its plain but colorful, if inserted into water will be under the tail and his head is above water.
  •  Minnow; lure is long and lean shape made ​​of balsa wood or plastic. As the name suggests, this bait minnow dideasin to mimic the behavior and the behavior of other live bait.
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