Introduction Of RC Aircraft Engine

For those of you who are interested in using RC-engined aircraft, you should know a little about RC engines, especially if you previously have never used the RC-engined.

There are so many types of machines on the market and may make you confused to choose which machine is good for you, but do not be confused because there are really only three types of machines on the market.
1. The first type is nitro 2 stroke, size 15cc, 25cc, 30cc, 40cc, 46cc, 61cc, 75cc, 91cc, 110cc, 120cc, 140cc, 180cc.
2. This second type of nitro 4 stroke, size 60cc, 91cc, 130cc.
3. This third type of gasoline engine: size 25 cc, 45 cc, 50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc, 200 cc

Basically the type of engine that is widely used by the beginner is small like the size of 46 cc, when you ever decide to replace with a new aircraft, the engines of older aircraft can be moved to your new plane

Here is part of the RC engine you should know : 
Air Bleed Screw-screw that regulates how much air into the carburetor
Back plate - cover on the back of the machine
Carburetor - Tools for mixing air and fuel, and controls how much mixing that goes into the engine.
Crankcase - the body of the machine
Cylinder - part of the engine where combustion occurs
Glow plug - ignition devices as a means of triggering combustion
Head - the components on the engine as the top engine cover
Mounting Lug - part of the bodywork for the stand on the plane
Muffler - a tool for the rest of the engine exhaust
Needle Valve - a tool to regulate air and fuel mixing
Prop Shaft - The main crankshaft which serves to transfer engine power to the propeller
Throttle Stop Screw - screw that regulates the distance limit the movement of gas.

The design of the machine is very influential on the strength, resilience, and durability of the machine itself, make sure the machine using system 2 bearings in the crush as major as this combination has resulted in engine durability and maintenance-free more than another type of machine.
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