How To Prepare Vegetables Become Delicious And Nutritious Food

Delicious cuisine will surely arouse your appetite but hold on, not all good food has good nutritional value and even some tasty foods that have a bad impact on our health.  It's time for us to be aware of the need to eat healthy, that's why I will give you some secrets on how to cultivate vegetables for become tasty nutritious food.

Did you know that if you are wrong in processing food?, especially vegetables would reduce the value of nutritional content, and therefore needed treatment in cooking vegetables specifically for nutritional content is not lost.

There are some tricks to cultivate vegetables such as :

  1. Roasted, roasting vegetables is a powerful way to maintain the nutrients and make food more delicious, tip is do not open the skin when it will be grilled vegetables because the vegetables skin serves as a heat barrier which can cause loss of nutrients. Suitable for roasting vegetables are potatoes, tomatoes, onions, celery.
  2. Cook without using water, it only relies on the liquid contained in it, you can cook it this way using frying pan for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Frying vegetables is the most widely used of people because in this way we will get a delicious taste, but the weakness of this method is that we could eliminate the nutrients in it, to prevent that use vegetable oil or vegetable margarine and not too much when using oil or margarine.
  4. Another alternative is to steam it, it's a good way of cultivating vegetables, add sauce to add taste.

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vegetables is very good for health,soi like vegetable than fish or meat...TQ forhare this article!

Thank you for sharing those great tips/tricks.

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