Who does not know hamster?, hamsters are cute rodents are apparently very similar to mouse, with body fat and hairy and short tail compared with the body length hamster is very funny to serve as pets, hamsters excess of other animals is the ease of maintenance and resistance to disease, although there is a disease that can infect it.

Hamsters belong to the subfamily cricetinae. This subfamily is divided into about 18 species, which are classified into six or seven genera.
if you are interested to maintain it of course you must know first the types of hamsters as well as how to treat, especially for you I will discuss thoroughly about hamsters.

The first thing I will discuss is about the types of hamsters commonly used as pets.

1. Cambell
Cambell, including the type that is very popular due to its nimble, lower-priced, small and easy to reproduce. In all pregnancies of this type can produce at least up to 10 baby. Cambell body sizes ranging from 10 to 15 centimeters if it grown, period life of 1 to 2 years. Cambell itself has 6 sub-type that is albino, panda, black bear, argente, opal, blue.

2. Roborovski
Roborovski is Russian hamster, hahaha just kidding, the hamster is quite pretty expensive type, the size is smaller than the type Cambell is only 4 to 5 centimeters, a longer lifetime of 3-4 years, the number of babies produced ranging from 6 infants.
white winter
3. Syrian
This type is the kind that most large-bodied than others, characterized by lazy maybe because his stocky make him less agile, this type up to 2 years old, has 4 sub-types that is short hair, long hair, rex, satin.

4. White Winter
This type is very suitable for beginners who want to keep hamsters because it has characteristics that easily tame and does not bite when in the hold, equal lifetime with Cambell, has 4 sub-type, normal, sapphire, pearl, golden.

5. Panda
This species does not like the original panda who loves kung fu was hahaha ... probably because of the color patterns that make this type called a panda, measuring 10 to 15 centimeters, this type is very tame, can be aged up to 3 years.

After knowing the type of hamster you certainly should know also about how to care for your hamster to live longer, the first direction is about the residence or hamster cage.Pet cages suitable for this type of a sealed enclosure, usually in the form of wire or a small trellis in parallel with the mat underneath to store sawdust or sand as place refuge from the cold, make sure it is safe for the hamster cage protected from predators such as cats and mouse .
Do not scatter food because it can make a stable hamster cage hamster dirty quickly and make you look shabby.
Use place separate food and beverage.

Put toys in the form of a spinning wheel in the cage.
Clean at least once a week, or when you feel the cage was too bad.

Hamsters are animals eating everything (omnivorous), but does not mean should be given all kinds of food. a good meal is a mixture of grains, beans, corn, and pelet. Mix these foods have a complete vitamin required by a hamster. 

Below are ways to take care of baby hamster.
If your hamster is pregnant visible immediately separated from the other hamsters, it aims for its baby not to be eaten by another hamster.
Do not separate baby and mother, because the baby will die if nothing is breastfeeding.
Do not touch its baby​​, if it you touch the baby will most likely be eaten by the mother its own, use a spoon if you want to move the baby.
Keep the cage from the hustle and try to cover the premises of the fabric to the dark cage, hamster likes the dark, in this case because I recommend that for hamster quieter in nursing babies.
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