Foursquare Badges For Novice Jumpers

Hola jumpers (^ ^), for the foursquare application users,   "jumper" being already familiar but for those who have never used this application is clearly the word is strange.
Ok no more chit chat let's straight to the point, foursquare is a cellular phone applications and social networks that help users in exploring cities around the world and as a trail that serves to identify the location of friends. Apart from mobile phones, users can also access via the official website, for some people foursquare could be a game, how a social networking can be a game?.

To answer the question I will explain how to work out the fousquare, basically the workings of the foursquare very easy, you just have to pull through check-in on where you are even in places that you like even if you are not in place, each time you make your check foursquare-ins will give you points and if lucky than get points you will also receive a badge. Badge in the foursquare is the logo of the sponsor or from places that are considered important by the foursquare.
For the beginners who are still confused about how to get my badge will give you a tip or cheat to get a badge effortlessly.

The first thing you should do is install the application from the foursquare into the cellular phone, for those who do not have please download the application here

Once the application is installed you will be required to register first, if all steps had been implemented then you are ready to hunt badges, but don't forget to add me as a friend here HOBBIOUS ( ^   ^ )

Below are tips for getting a badge.

1. enter the address https: / / / phone browser or your computer, login and then follow as much as possible brand logos on the foursquare or if you are confused you can see the brand logo you should follow in  

http://mattersofgrey. com / foursquare-badge-list /
after it is done you can logout.

2. turn off the auto check-in, turn off or sign out foursquare in advance of the application on your mobile phone, after this is done you are ready to hunt badges but remember if you check in at a different city or even in different countries make sure to give the lag time before check-in to another place in accordance with the required mileage in the real world

3. enter the address https: / / / mobile

4. below is a list of regular badges that can be found:

newbie : simply check in one time and choose your location. 

adventurer : simply check into 10 different venues and you can get this badge.

explorer : simply check into 25 different venues and you can get this badge.

superstar : simply check into 50 different venues and you can get this badge.

bender : simply check into 50 different venues and you can get this badge.
 crunked : you simply need to check-in four different times in one night. Tip: Specifically you want to check-in four times between 8PM and Midnight to ensure that you get the badge.
local : Simply checkin to the same location three times in one week.Tip: The easiest way to get this badge is to setup your home or work as a checkin spot and checkin on three different days.
super user : Simply checkin to 30 different times in a month period. Tip: If you are checking in three locations in a day you can hit this badge in ten days.  If you checkin more often than these you can get it sooner.

player please! : Simply checkin to a location that 3 males/females are located.

school night : simply checkin after 3am on a school night. Tip: A school night is defined as a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night.

far far away : Checkin in Manhattan uptown (north of 59th Street). Tip: You must be in Manhattan, NY and checkin to a venue that’s uptown (north) of 59th street.

 photogenic : Simply checkin to 3 locations with photobooths. Tip: Do a search on Foursquare for “photobooth”.  You want to find three locations tagged with a  “photobooth”.  Plan a visit to each of them to checkin and get the badge.

 gossip girl : This badge is tricky and you can only get it at certain marked venues in NY or SF.  You are looking for specific locations that the TV show Gossip Girl was filmed. Tip: Do a search on Foursquare for “gossip girl”.  I believe only need to checkin to one of these locations to get this badge.

douchebag : Checkin to locations tagged as “douchebag”. Tip: Do a search on Foursquare for “douchebag”.  You need 25 checkin at different places tagged douchebag to get this badge. Update: As Foursquare has gotten more mainstream this badge has gotten harder to get.  It hasn’t been officially cut off but it has been suggested that you might need 20+ checkins at douchebag locations to unlock.  Also this tag has been locked and you can no longer tag locations as douchebag.

 animal house : Simply checkin to 3 locations tagged “frat boys”. Tip: Do a search on Foursquare for “frat boys”.  Checkin to three locations and you win this badge. Not Verified: You might be able to checkin to one location three times to unlock this badge.

 socialite : This badge is tricky and you can only get it at certain marked venues in NY or SF. Tip: Do a search on Foursquare for “socialite”.  I believe only need to checkin to one of these locations to get this badge.

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