Four Phenomenal Female Vocalist

Four rock bands which I will review  is a rock band who all have one thing in common that they have female vocalists, my reason for reviewing these four band is because they have great influence in the trend of music into their respective genres

The first band that I will review is the cranberies, who had never heard their hits? I guess you know 'em. This band was founded in Limerick Ireland in 1990, the band has a vocalist who has a unique and distinctive voice, Dolores O'Riordan joined the band through an audition after the first vocalist  resign. their single entitled "Linger" and "Zombie" delivers them to the international music stage. In terms of musicality and the drummer Fergal Lawler Dolores O'Riordan are the most influential persons in the career of this band.

This second band named Hole, the band has a genre of alternative rock music, they get special attention from the rock music listeners and especially with their preety attractive live show for 90s female rock band. Hole was guarded by Courtney Love, widow of the late Curt Cobain, Courtney Love is famous for sloppy style and its sophisticated lifestyle, latest news vagrancy says she lived in a hotel with the compassion of others.

The next band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in addition to the unique name of this band have characteristics in terms of a minimalist sound, their personnel numbered only three people, they uniqly play live without a bass instrument that is usually used as a conventional instrument for most bands. sexy voice from the Karen O attracted me to this band, to be honest I fell in love with this band because Karen O she look very hot in terms of musicality and physically (^ ~ ^), their single called maps and gold lion make them reach the the top their career.

The last band I discuss is Paramore, hahaha i'm sure all teens like this band, by bringing genre of power pop and emo band has managed to gain the hearts of their fans are mostly teenagers, the vocalist Hayley Williams is an attractive female vocalist, she has a strong stamina with a voice that kept constant throughout the concert.

Which of them you like the most?


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i love karen o shes a feckin hot vocalist ever

Nice Post My friends I Like a metal music like as Gun N Rose, Metallica, Kurt Cobain, Van Hallen and my lovely Guitarist is Slash

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@dhea: what d you mean bout virus wallpaper? i didn't get it :) theres no virus here at all

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wah-wah nice info sobat, thanks for sharing it

nice posting...happy blogging

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Hello and happy weekend.

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