Clean Up fishing Equipment

In this article I will discuss the importance of cleaning your fishing equipment, you certainly do not want to have something wrong with your instrument because it can interfere with your fishing activity.
The first tips is that you should always clean the tools that you use after the trip ends, this can be done after you get home though still tired, like it or not you should do it.
Second tips here's how the process of cleaning the pole:
- wash ring rod clean with warm water (fasten / lock the drag)
- the reel is cleaned using a slightly damp cloth
- after a dry pair of spool and then spray with the wd40
- try to do lubricated parts in the flush or spray to use a lubricant that is not kind
- a rusty hook must be replaced
- cut the strings that are curly and dispose
- all other tools such as cutters should be washed

  attention: the washing process should not be soaked because water can enter into the reel
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