Airsoft Gun

Airsoft gun is a kind of toy that looks to adopt a firearm, the size of its 100 percent the same as the original weapons (comparison 1:1), made ​​of ABS resin, alluminum alloy and zinc, the average weight of the airsoft gun is 80 percent of the original weapons .

Airsoft gun can be divided into 3 types according to propulsion system.

1. Spring, this type rely on the spring as a propulsion, which requires the user cocked before firing.

2. Electric, the dynamo that is usually supported four AAA batteries, this type of preferred due to strafe a lot of bullets in aotmatis only with a single trigger.

3. Blowback Gas, much preferred because this type has unique sensation that resembles the beat of native weapons, using freon gas or HFC 134/R22, this type widely applied in the short barrel airsoft gun or other type of hand gun.

For airsoft gun an ammo uses a bullet from a round small solid plastic is usually referred to as BB (ball bearing), the size of BB this is the range between 0:12 to 0:25 gr gr with a diameter of 66 mm, there is also a BB that has the weight 0.80 grams but to use this type should be in monitoring.

The average speed of a bullet fired 200 to 400 feet per second, therefore for safety reasons the users are required to use protective airsoft gun when doing this game. Protector commonly used google coverings face and eyes thick clothes to reduce the pain when hit by shot from your opponent.
As a complement to this game more exciting, the players airsoft gun using military or police-style costume.
This game has own regulations related to safety of the players premises so you should get guidance from the expert.

Attention! This game is not suitable to be played by minors, if you are interested in this game please ask for guidance from skilled player.
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wah,, ane pengen yang electric gan,, berapa harganya???

Senjatanya keren abis,,mantap n bagus,,belinya dimana ya gan???...

jika ada yang tertarik silahkan coba kunjungi

harga kisaran 1-10 jutaan gan tergantung jenis dan mereknya heheehe lumayan mahal

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Wah, senjata permainan ini mungkin harus dihindari dari anak kecil yang belum cukup umur kali ya?

Nice post Mas Bro, love to read it.

waduh mantab mantab mantab..sayang ane kagak punya duit bakal beli gini-ginian....wkwkwkw

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