Taking Care Your Guitar

A good guitar is a guitar that provides comfort for the users and of course must have good sound quality, but without the periodical maintenance guitar performance will decline even though the guitar is a leading branded.
Every musician is required to treat the instrument used, professional musicians who may not have to do it themselves, therefore I will give you tips take care a guitar for amateur musicians and beginners.
Below is how to maintain the guitar:

 1. Softcase / Hardcase. This is the most effective tool for guitar and parts are protected, if you frequently travel long distances perform live performances you should use a "hardcase", but if still rare you can select "sofcase" as a place to store your guitar, you should know hardcase and softcase to protect the guitar is made of metal to prevent rust.
2. Strings. Wipe the strings after you play the guitar, do not forget loosen the strings if the guitar was not played,
if it is rusty you should immediately replace with new strings because of rust caused fals notes.
3. Clean periodically all parts of the guitar, dust and sweat from hands can cause corrosion if left too long.

5. If there is a case of severe damage to the neck bent or broken parts that you should immediately bring the guitar to a guitar clinic or a specialized guitar repair in a nearby town where you live.
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