RC Airplanes For Beginners

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot or aircraft designer?, maybe the dream you have to forget if you do not have a license to fly or build aircraft.
But do not be sad because I will introduce one kind of hobby that will make your dreams come true, Aeromodelling is the answer to your dreams. Aeromodelling is all things relating to building, assembling, designing, and flying miniature aircraft. Although it only miniature but you must have the skills to fly it, so not just anyone can simply fly without prior training.
In this article I will review Aeromodelling type of RC (Radio Control), this species is divided into two electrically and who already using machines.
RC electric dynamo while using the machine would using engine as the power of flight, the type of electrical widely used by beginners as a training aircraft prior to using RC aircraft that use the machine, the safety factor is the reason why beginners using electric type.
Below is a picture of the parts of the RC plane you should know.

From the picture above is the common part is the trainer aircraft:

Aileron - used to turn right and left
Cowling - is part of the fuselage serves to cover the machine
Engine - A 2 - is a source of energy to be able to fly planes
Elevator - the plane that is useful for raising and lowering aircraft
Fin - the vertical stabilizer that is useful to maintain the balance of the aircraft
Fuselage - the body of the plane itself
Landing Gear - Wheel is used for landing and take off
Propeller (Prop) - propeller blades mounted on the machine to get the advanced style
Rudder - part of the plane to turn left and right horizontally
Spinner - protective propeller
Stabilizer - Properly known as horizontal stabilizer the which Provides stabilization about the pitch axis
Wing - The horizontal surfaces Provide the which the lifting forces

There are several criteria that must be fulfilled as a trainer aircraft:

High Wing - the wing of the plane using the system to produce high stability compared to the lower wing. because the overall weight of the plane is in position under the wing, the fuselage will provide a pendulum effect will help the stability of the plane towards justice.
Flat Bottom Wing / semi symetrical wing - the wing on the bottom flat, or slightly convex slightly. This will generate an easy flight characteristics in the set, so that the beginner is easy to fly.
Dihedral - wing must have a dihedral angle. This means the wing at the tip of a plane higher than the middle of the wing. This will produce a characteristic on the plane where the plane will return to the position of levels fast.
High Aspect Ratio - the ratio at which the wing length approximately 5.5 times the width of the wing. This will reduce the speed of response to commands on the plane so that beginners have the time to correct things if something goes wrong flight.
Low Wing Loading - heavy on the model divided by the broad wings of no more than 19 oz / sq feet. This will reduce the speed of the aircraft to descend and landed with ease beginners to low speed.
Moderate Size - Size of trainer aircraft, to facilitate learning Take the trainer aircraft that use engines 40-46. This will allow beginners in against the wind, and besides a lot of advanced or expert models that use these 46 machines.
Structurally Sound - trainer aircraft have a structure that is easy to repair minor damage in the event of damage which causes by the hard landing (in a hard landing)
RC plane that is suitable for beginners is RTF (ready to fly) this type mostly electric and does not require us to assemble because it is called RTF.
Two classic examples of good beginner rc airplanes can be seen below, the famous Super Cub LP (left) and its smaller cousin the Champ.

These are some tips to start flights :

  • Understanding RC systems & how they control your plane
  • What you need to know when choosing your first plane
  • Preparing your plane for flight
  • Finding somewhere suitable to fly
  • The essential pre-flight checks you need to know
  • Complete flight school to get you airborne safely
  • Deal with a crash hahahahaha....
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