Yesterday I saw something reminiscent of the days of my childhood hobby, when I was looking for something in the bookstore I found some papercraft on display at the bottom shelf. Yes, papercraft or paper models is a topic that I will discuss this time, for those unfamiliar or have never learned about papercraft I'll review a bit for the introduction.
Papercraft is the art of designing or more precisely art of assembling the paper of two-dimensional (2D), which has a pictorial format to be a form of three-dimensional (3D), that is by folding, cutting, bending, and glue, so basically we just assembling thing that was half done.
Alois Senefelder is the man who improve the art of this thing, papercraft very popular at the beginning of World War II, in 1941 papercraft first edition printed and marketed in the UK at the time, papercraft once very popular in society, with a model ship or aircraft as prime but as time went on and the emergence of a replica made ​​from plastic, papercraft began to recede existence, now only a few people who still collect or learn this hobby.
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