Hobby And Recycling Waste Into Valuable Economic Goods

I have read an article related to household waste, in the article mentioned that one person can produce 0.66 gallons of waste per day if the family were four persons, the total waste generated become 2.64 gallons, it was daily calculation not to mention the monthly amount that will produce pretty fantastic numbers for the size of garbage.

Where do you ever imagine the trash end up? is it possible that all waste can be parsed by the ground? certainly not some kind of waste can not be at all to be parsed by the soil, type of waste that can not be parsed, such as glass and most plastics are recycled into something, or remain as the previous form, but the problem is the waste of this kind can only be recycled once or twice only, because the conditions of this type of waste eventually will not be used again.

Then what will we do about the waste we produce?. like it or not we should think of solution, so trash does not destroy nature and our environment, at least we can minimize the adverse effects of waste that begins from our own family. in some developed countries, the habit of sorting waste by type is already a real action in reducing the negative impacts of hazards that will be generated from the waste itself, but unfortunately it is still less popular habit in countries that are still in developing stage is due to a lack of public awareness in maintaining their own environment.The second way is to manage the goods by as much as possible, for example, is using a plastic bag repeatedly until not possibly be used again. I think this method is very effective in reducing the waste we produce.

In the article I wrote this time I will discuss other alternatives on how the economic value of waste management, such as with a bit carefulness and creativity we can recycle something that is not considered waste into something useful such a beautiful shape and even has a useful function. These creations can be obtained from the goods that have become waste in everyday life, could have originated from old newspapers, old beer bottles, plastic bags and others.
management in this way is suitable for those who have a hobby assemble or something related to art, because basically it takes artistry and skill in assembling to produce something beautiful and has a function, I do not know why, in some developing countries are managing less good trash, recycling waste into something or crafts are very popular in contrast to developed countries that have a culture of better waste management.

In developing countries the management of waste recycled into craft could be a promising job that can produce decent money, as an example of my father who used the stem of banana waste into beautiful paintings and high economic value, for a medium-sized painting that my father could sell it with price is quite pretty expensive about $ 200 to $ 500. to measure something that comes from the garbage I thought it was pretty fantastic.

What are you waiting for?, let's be creative, start from now managing the waste properly and change your hobby into pot of money while conserving the environment.
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