Fishing For The Beginner

Fishing fishing fishing ... anyone who has never been fishing?, I think most of us would ever do fishing activities. Fishing is the activity of catching fish from the water and used to do in the wild such as in rivers and at sea, there are some rules and tips that I will give to you, which plans to fishing.

 The first thing I will tell you about fishing is the regulations, in some countries that have popular fishing activities, they apply the rules to be followed the fishermen so that these activities will not interfere with the environment and still preserve the habitat of animals be fished, the rules vary depending on circumstances and policies applied that country. This should you stick to the good and comfort of your own.

Next thing you should know is where you will be fishing, fishing activities can usually be done in two places, namely in the river or at sea, for the beginner I suggest you better choose a river.
You should already know the information about the locations, routes, and accommodations required, such as boat rentals, lodging places and vehicles, do not let you have a problem with these things because it will eventually interfere with your own fishing activities.

The last thing is the preparation of fishing equipment, this is the most important things you should prepare before going to the site.
here are some things you have to prepare:

  • life jacket, to avoid something we do not want such as falling into water or a boat sinking, a tool that one is very important to maintain safety.

  • fishing vest, this is a vest-shaped dress that is useful for a place to store small equipment such as scissors, bait etc.

  • fishing boots, these boots are designed for fisherman to adapt to the wild environment and of course as the completeness of safety
  • Pliers, Scissors, is no less important, this tool helps cut profit lure etc.

  • Polarization Sunglasses, very berguan to protect your eyes from sunlight and objects that can injure the eyes such as fishing hooks

    • landing net, serve to pull the big fish from fishing or boat

    • fishing tackle, the primary tool to lure consisting of rod, reel, fishing line and lure.

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