Collecting Action Figures

Collecting action figures is fun because we can have characters who we like in three dimensions, the action figure is a posable character-shaped figurine, dolls or small-sized sculpture that normally made ​​of plastic or clay.
Most of the action figure is derived from comic characters, movies, and games, but lately a lot of famous people from celebrities, sportsmen, politicians also made ​​into action figures. Fans are the main reasons why the action figure is in great demand, not only children, many adults who collect the goods on this one, therefore the action figure is a collector's item that has no specific segments, old, young, male or female, all have the possibility to be a collector of this stuff.
In 1964 the first action figure GI Joe was marketed in the form of military character doll with a size of 11.5 ich.
There are two basic forms of action figures, the first being shaped figurine that most have anatomically intact, most of this type can be converted-change pose because it has a joint cavity (preferably a lot of children as toys), but some are not rigid can be moved at all. The second type can be shaped as accessories such as key chains, head of the belt and others, most do not form intact.
So what action figure you like?, if interested in collecting them immediately hunt to have your own action figure ... good luck.
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Dari mainan, keindahan hingga investasi. Mulai yg lucu, keren sampai yang rumit dan menakjubkan. Banyak hal yang bisa dilihat dari barang kecil2 ini. Dan diantaranya adalah figure Joker, Star Wars dan Superhero Squad... :D

muantep,.,jadi teringat masa lalu

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