Another interesting hobby that I will review this time is "clay", clay may be not too foreign in our ears because a lot of objects around us made ​​of it, such as ceramics and pottery, but wait a minute I am talking about this clay rather than the usual clay but a different kind.
On progress and trends over time to form something out of clay art began to flourish, because the needs and the reduction in natural clay, the clay type of imitation that was born recently become a trend.

This imitation clay still have sub types which vary, depending on material and usability, clay type has different characteristics according to the functions and needs of the craftsmen themselves.
Most of the clay of this type, formed by the craftsmen into a replica of something such as fruit or food, and some are shaped doll or action figure.

Below are the types of clay imitations that are widely used, and available on the market:
  • Paper Clay
  • Bread Clay 
  • Wheat Clay
  • Jumping Clay
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Polymer Clay


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