Traveling As A Backpacker

Traveling around the world is an obsession of people who have a hobby of traveling, the question is how much money should you spend to comply with these obsessions?, Imagine you have to spend quite a bit of money for purposes such as paying the travel agents, souvenir shopping, accommodations, and to pay a tour guide.For those of you who have little funds I will give some tips for your expenses in traveling so cheap. The solution is you should get ready to become a backpacker, backpacker's own understanding is that all travel activities as regulated by your own, to be a backpacker you have to prepare some things to keep things running well and cheap of course.The following are some tips and tricks: 

1. Define a destination or country to be visited.
We recommend that you select a state that often become the backpacker destination. The best destination is the city that the level of hospitality the Most High! "Do not be reckless to the backpacker's war-prone areas and high crime if want to survive!"

2. Prepare a document that you must carry.
Passport. If you do not already have it, immediately made ​​at the immigration office or service passports in your city.
Visa. Find out, whether your destination country requires that you have a formal visa from the embassy (which should be in the care of the embassies of the State concerned) or use the visa on arrival (which can be in care at the airport, the country you are visiting)
"We recommend that you first try in countries that do not require an official visa.
3. Find cheap airline tickets.
Diligent search for cheap plane tickets this information. If necessary, register (sign up) to a few websites so if there are cheap flight ticket promotion program, you'll be sent an e-mail.
4. Packaging Art
Try to pack the backpack and concisely as possible. The reason: because it will often change places. In addition, low-cost airlines only allow bags brought into the cabin free of charge a maximum of 7 kg. So, do you bring enough clothes and essentials. Forget the intention to bring items that are not important, it will be complicated and carry heavy backpack, it will be inconvenient trip.
5. Find information via the Internet, magazines, books about destinations would you go so you know exactly what you would do upon arrival.
6. Be cautious and alert throughout the journey. Keep passports, money and other valuables in a special bag and always stick in the body. Never released in any place.
7. Do not bring valuable items.
If you carry a notebook and gadgets, be careful when sleeping in the dormitory room in backpacker hostels. Use the safety box in the hostel is to store valuables when sleeping and bathing.
8. If you are female, do not wear excessive jewelry during backpacking. If necessary, use jewelry need not be at all precisely provoke other people to harm you .

9. Increase friends, staying at a friend's house, could become a cost lodging tips to save more money and collect the necessary information, which sometimes is not in the tourist guide book. Do not forget to also note the important things, it can be a guide if at any time you come back again to that place. 
10. Train your the stomach in order not spoiled, so can eat anything and anywhere. actually not only the stomach, but also the body in general, become can sleep anywhere, including if necessary, hold a sleeping bag on the overhang. 
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